• Boston Grotto meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, except for holidays (July meeting will be on July 11). Check the calendar below if in doubt. We meet in room 145 of building E51 at Amherst & Wadsworth in Cambridge. Notice: The May 2 before-meeting get-together will be at the Courtside Bar, 291 Cambridge St., Cambridge.
  • Boston Grotto

    We are one of the oldest grottos of the National Speleological Society. This site has information about the Boston Grotto, information about caving, and lots of pictures of caves from around the country that Grotto members have visited.
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  • Boston Grotto Photo Contest

    Congratulations to Lance Dickey for winning both categories of the 2014 Clarksville Cave photo contest!
  • Interview with Priscilla Teter

    In 2006 members of the Boston Grotto including Rich Holub, Steve Stokowski & Chris Taylor  visited with Priscilla Teter after spending the day exploring Mystic cave. Katherine Lea conducted the interview with Priscilla which was filmed and edited by Leander Nichols.



Whole populations of bats in the eastern North America are dying as they hibernate in caves and mines. The bats lose their fat reserves (needed to survive hibernation) long before winter is over, and die of starvation. As of January, 2012, scientists have estimated that over five million bats have already died.

Battle For Bats: Surviving White Nose Syndrome from Ravenswood Media on Vimeo.

Read more about White Nose Syndrome and what you can do to help.


The Lake Room, Clarksville Cave

The Lake Room, Clarksville Cave

Main Passage, Clarksville Cave

Main Passage, Clarksville Cave

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