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In 2013, the Boston Grotto hosted the Spring NRO at Camp St. Michael’s in Pittsfield, MA. We would like to share the materials and information we used to host and plan the NRO so as to provide a reference for future events.

Campsite and insurance: Conducted through personal connections. Insurance was required. We contacted Stephanie at the Northern Insurance Group, , for assistance (a breeze).

Online Dissemination: Messaging to/through the NE Caver, the NSS News, area groups on and direct e-mailing to area Grottos and outing clubs, including SUOC, Cornell Outing Club, MITOC, Harvard Outing Club.

Online Pre-Registration: Our pre-registration system, a contact form with a db connector built from two WordPress modules, captured very accurate numbers. Our estimates were for 100-140 people with approximately 100 servings for each meal; actuals were 161 in attendance with 106 dinners served. A Petzl Croll was awarded to one pre-registrant as a prize / incentive for pre-registering.

Core Organizing Materials:

Registration System:

Information and code forthcoming

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