Spring 2013 NRO

Spring 2013 NRO: Berkshirian Cavapalooza
May 17-19 2013

Greetings, Cavers!

A hootin’ awesome, rollicking great time chock full o’ mud n’ caves n’ eats n’ auctions n’ people n’ music n’ more! Be there… or have a great excuse!

See you tomorrow! (Optional, non-manditory pre-registration is now closed – the pre-reg prize drawing will happen Saturday night)

Check in any time after 3PM FRIDAY; PAYMENT AT CAMPGROUND not online. We will organize a 6PM cave trip (self-led). Pre-registration is for numbers estimation (shirts, dinner, etc).


The Spring 2013 NRO will be held in Massachusetts this May 17, 18 and 19, 2013. Boston Grotto, with strong assistance from the Berkshire Cavers & Diggers, are putting on the show.

Location: The Spring 2013 NRO will be held at Camp St. Michael’s, home of Great Radium Springs Cave and a really awesome Berkshire location. Note: We have cleared significant additional parking area with the owners, and will have simple ingress/egress pathways marked!

Map, Schedule, Info: Check out the Schedule, Directions & Map and Local Things to Do, and feel free to contact the Grotto if you have any questions. Update yourself on the weather info for Pittsfield, MA and plan accordingly.

Registration & cool stuff prices:

Registration: $10
Camping: $5/per person/per night (same per-person rate for RVs)
Day passes (if not camping): $3
Guidebook: $8, covered, bound and professionally printed, approx 48 pages w/ Merlins large format foldout
T-Shirts: $10 ($12 for XL)
Breakfast: $7; Dinner: $10

Caving & Hiking Trips:

Led caving trips will include:

  • Caves and Karst of Lanesboro (old and new caves)
  • South County caves – including Bat’s Den Karst, Shepards and others
  • Bentley’s Cave
  • Mass Hole (several trips)*
  • Merlin’s Cave (several trips)**
  • Caves of the Silver St. area
  • Others TBD, e.g., caves of the northern Berkshires TBD

* Led and unled possible at Mass Hole (requires a cable ladder for the entrance); the trip does have vertical exposure.
** Merlin’s Cave trips are led-only; the cave has minor vertical exposure & an opportunity to clip-in if you bring a harness w/ cowtail (not required).

Non-led trips will include:

  • Great Radium Springs (on-site – a walk from your tent)
  • Race Brook Falls: Multi-drop “cayoneering” rappel: Race Brook Falls has a series of drops; several lower and, beyond toward the top of Mt. Everett, two upper. Rappel with pull-downs; wetsuit not required, but helpful depending on temperature and water levels. Note: this is a trip for those competent in vertical and will require someone to rig while on rappel.
  • Other regional and local caves and karst


NNJG has  generously offered to host both breakfasts: Saturday and Sunday! Menu forthcoming – get ready for some awesome eats!

Boston Grotto will be providing Saturday dinner. Menu includes a hearty Tex-Mex tortilla soup (vegetarian version available), salad and desert. If you are a brewer and would like to help provide homebrew beer, please get in touch with someone from the Boston Grotto!

Friday Evening Events:

Arrivals, campfire, no official meals served. An ad-hoc caving trip will be organized for those who wish. Be sure to sign up & show up; trip will organize @ 6PM.

If you have an instrument, bring it along – we’ll jam Friday evening!

Registration will be open well into the evening and Speleobooks may open Friday.

Saturday Daytime Events:

Speleobooks: Shop the ever-awesome Speleobooks, a store all above caves and bats!

Vertical Ropes Course: We’ll set up a vertical ropes course; use your wit and rope skills to scamper up, over and across the traverse!

Squeeze Box: Everyone needs a good squeeze now and then, right? The question is, how much squeeze can you handle? Give the squeeze box a try… and find out!

Tug’a’grotto: One of our members has the inside track on a good length of shipping rope. We’ll set up an intra-grotto tug’o’war on Saturday afternoon before dinner.

For those not interested in caving, there are a number of tremendous local spots to check out. These include:

Keep the flame alight! A fundraiser to benefit Schoharie County Flood Relief will pit you and your candle against the highways and byways in Great Radium Spring Cave. The owner has generously offered to open access for the fundraiser.

For $10, each participant receives a candle, holder (and a light) at the entrance to the cave. Using candlelight (with spare electric lights as backup), the challenge: can you exit the cave while holding the candle alight?  (Note: honesty will prevail; no lighters, matches or re-lighting of candles is permitted!).

Saturday Evening Events

Auction hosted by NiceBob – Please bring stuff to auction! 

Music by Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion: Check ’em out! (Well)-described as Punk-Surf-Rock, it’s awesome cavin’ music and hey, they’ll be caving’ with us Saturday before they play.

Promotional Photographs

Our cavers sent the following images from the field. Some or all of these caves may be open for the NRO. Note: objects in images may be much smaller than they appear.

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