Join the Grotto

Joining the Boston Grotto gives you an opportunity to learn about caves and participate in caving trips and other fun club activities. As a member, you will have access to the Grotto library for cave research, learn about wild cave access policies and locations,  influence club policy and determine activities. You will also learn about national and international activities in the caving community, for example: conservation, major expeditions, and rescue initiatives. We do not ask much in return, but we can always use more trip leaders, volunteer training instructors, and people that just plain like to go caving.

Membership in the Boston Grotto costs $15 per calendar year, expiring on December 31st. A pro-rated fee schedule applies: Jan-Apr is $15, May-Aug is $10, and Sept-Dec is $5. Membership entitles one to voting privileges for Grotto issues and elections, and to a postage-paid (for domestic addresses only) subscription to The Massachusetts Caver, the newsletter of the Boston Grotto, issued approximately 6 times per year. Additional family members living at the same address may join for $5 per year, but get no additional newsletter subscription.

Members also get an individual account on the website, where they can upload photos from caving trips and view other member’s photos and trip reports.

To join, please do the following:

1. Print out and complete the Application & Waiver, and make out a check to “Boston Grotto.” On the application, please list any restrictions you wish to maintain on the publishing of your name, address, phone numbers, or anything else in The Massachusetts Caver, and we will do our best to comply with your wishes.

2. To become a member, you must sign the waiver on the second page of the application, with signatures of two witnesses.

3. Put the completed Application & Waiver (both pages) and your check in an envelope and mail to:

Boston Grotto, PO Box 380304, Harvard Square Station, Cambridge, MA 02138-0304.

If you prefer, you can bring the Application and Waiver to a meeting and we will answer any questions that you have. If you choose to join, please give the completed application and membership fee to the club Treasurer at the meeting. We will accept payment at meetings in the form of cash or check. You may also pay for more than one year’s membership.

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