Trip Report: Spain, February 2011

Tom Kinsky, Chris Taylor and Dave Crusoe flew to Spain for caving in various regions of Spain.

We met up with some awesome guys (and girls) in Grenada, and hit a few different small systems while there.

Afterward, we headed out to Sorbas, near Almeria, for more. Awesome stuff! The full trip report will be published soon. In the meantime, a small photo album is online.

Sorbas (vertical) with Boston Grotto004.jpgSorbas (vertical) with Boston Grotto003.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto038.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto041.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto035.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto026.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto023.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto020.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto015.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto013.jpgSorbas with Boston Grotto010.jpg2011-02-23_Sorbas-Covadura [LauSan] - 31.JPG2011-02-23_Sorbas-Covadura [LauSan] - 03.JPGIMG_1330.jpgIMG_1323.jpgIMG_1315.jpgIMG_1310.jpgIMG_1291.jpgIMG_1268.jpgIMG_1267.jpgIMG_1222.jpgIMG_1230.jpg
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